The 11th Hour Racing Exploration Zone, located at the Land Rover BAR team base in the Royal Navy Dockyard in Bermuda, will provide unique, behind-the-scenes access to our team.

Through interactive exhibits and lesson plans, visitors will see how we use technology and innovation to not only make the boats go faster, but also to create long term sustainable solutions and protect the environment.

Using the inspiration of Land Rover BAR’s challenge for the America’s Cup, the aim of the 11th Hour Racing Exploration Zone is to foster and ignite young people’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and inspire students to continue on to careers in these essential fields.


This dedicated educational space brings to life critical topics around ocean health, sustainability, innovation and technology, with a series of creative displays. Visitors will learn how to make a tangible and positive impact to reducing ocean plastics, about the power of the sun as a source of renewable energy, and understand the devastating effects of invasive species, particularly the lionfish that infests Bermudian waters. Other exhibits highlight the team’s sporting and design challenge, and the technology and innovations that enable the latest generation of wing-sailed, hydrofoiling America’s Cup multihulls to fly.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 11th Hour Racing Exploration Zone. Visits will comprise of a STEM workshop covering cross curricular subjects, facilitated either by our Sustainability Officer or by the visiting schools own teacher.

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  • Materials


    Develop the skills to select and work with a range of materials

    Learn about the properties and characteristics of materials

    Combine and process materials in order to enhance properties

    Understand that loads can cause material failures 

  • Forces


    Understand forces operating on the ACC boat

    Understand how boat design has changed through history

    Ability to explain balanced and unbalanced forces

  • Ocean Plastics


    Understand how plastics enter our oceans and marine ecosystems

    Understand the negative effects of plastics entering into marine ecosystems

    Know where plastics come from and how different plastics are produced

    Use critical thinking skills to explore solutions to imporving waste management and recycling

    Explore ways to move away from a single-use plastics culture 

  • Invasive Species


    Understand what is meant by invasive species

    Identify adaptations of a species

    Pose solutions for controlling a species

    Learn how species migrated from their natural habitat 

Visits to the 11th Hour Racing Exploration Zone are provided free of charge.

We welcome class groups of us to 25 students and ask the teacher ratio to be a minimum of 1:15. Suggested session length is 90 minutes and timings can be arranged to suit the school.

Please book your visit below or contact explorationzone@landroverbar.com for more details.
Once booked, a member of the team will be in contact to confirm the arrangements.



Alongside the 11th Hour Racing Exploration Zone, teachers can access BT STEM Crew. A new, free, digital education programme for 11-16 year olds, brought to you by the 1851 Trust and Land Rover BAR.

Designed to engage both girls and boys in biology, physics, maths and design & technology, with BT STEM Crew, teachers and students can harness the power of the America’s Cup to bring STEM subjects to life through free films, worksheets and interactive quizzes.


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