The Marketer


Jack Hopkins was doing his Master's degree at Portsmouth University part-time, and working as a Communications Assistant at Portsmouth Council on a short-term contract. “I needed to get some more experience and carry on working. So I started looking for jobs, and this came up. It perfectly fitted with what I was doing with my Marketing and Communications Master's degree.

“Communications is what interests me, I picked that out as what I wanted to get into. I've lived in Portsmouth all my life, but I did my undergraduate degree in Leicester. So I thought I'd come back and do a Master's back home. It [the internship] was on the Purple Door, the Portsmouth University opportunities website. So I applied for it through that, had an interview, and here I am.

“The main thing I've been doing is all the media reporting for 2016 and 2017. I get given a list of articles and broadcasts that include the team, and I've just got to record every time that Land Rover is mentioned, or any of the main partners, and whether there are any images.”

It’s an essential part of calculating the media value that the team provides for its partners. “I have also drafted some press releases, helped with some planning and administration [for campaigns]. I've had vast experience of a lot of different things, which is good, and which is what I wanted from it, just so that I can take all that forward.

“I've got one more essay to do [for the Masters] for September, and I've started applying for jobs in communication and marketing roles in London. I plan to move up there with a couple of my mates. I've got an interview for a couple of weeks' time. That's a PR executive role, which would be quite good to get into. This internship set me up perfectly.”