Beat the Microbead!

Do your bit to ban the microbead! 

The campaign to beat the microbead gained a milestone victory in January this year, when US President Barack Obama signed into law an edict that will ban personal-care products from containing the fiendish little pieces of plastic from 1st July 2017.

These tiny little pieces of trash – often added to personal care products to produce an exfoliating effect – flush straight down the plughole when they wash off your skin. They end up in our streams, rivers and oceans where they are eaten by fish, and then end up back on our plates.

The strong US lead on this is fantastic, and after plenty of publicity about the issue on the back of the American law, the UK Government has now promised to follow up with a domestic ban. Where America leads others will surely – eventually – follow.

Nevertheless, this is one battle in a long war. Plastics pressure group 5 Gyres reckon that more than 2.9 trillion microbeads will still enter the ocean from the US in the year before the law becomes effective, and there is no equivalent European legislation.

Everyone at Land Rover BAR wants to do their bit and for them and you, we’ve found this brilliant little app from Beat the Microbead. It was originally developed by the North Sea Foundation (Stichting de Noordzee) and the Plastic Soup Foundation.

The app will allow you to scan a product bar code and be told instantly if it contains microbeads. It’s being developed for more and more countries all the time, and for once, there’s a Windows version as well as iPhone and Android!

Download it here right now

And do your bit to beat the microbead!

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