Land Rover BAR Academy: GC32 Championships

Day Five, GC32 Championship Muscat, Oman

Land Rover BAR Academy finish 7th in a highly experience field in the GC32 Championship. The team now look ahead to competing in Act 1 of the Extreme Sailing Series in Oman next week 8 - 11th March. 



Day Four, GC32 Championship Muscat, Oman

Despite conditions looking marginal this morning in Muscat’s Al Mouj, throwing up concerns about whether there would be any action at all today out on the water at the GC32 Championship, in the event four races were held in swift succession in good conditions before the wind finally faded.

“We started the day a little rusty and made it hard for ourselves in the first two races of the day but we got back into our rhythm and made good starts in the next two races and managed to hold our place all the way round. Our aim for every race is to finish in the top five so we are pleased with the two 4th placed finishes. We know we have got the talent to get up there, we had a good day and we really came forward as a team”

Tomorrow is the final day of this inaugural GC32 Championship. At present the start is scheduled for 1300 local time (0900 UTC) while a final start can be given no later than 1530.

Land Rover BAR Academy results Day 4

10th 9th 4th 4th

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Day Three, GC32 Championship Muscat, Oman

Day three of the GC32 Championships in Muscat saw just one race for the fleet today. Racing kicked off at 1300 local time in 8-9 knots of wind which grew to double figures and enabled the teams to get fully up on their foils. Land Rover BAR Academy finished 4th in race one. Several attempts were made to complete a second race, however after winds plummeting to under 5 knots and the 35 minute race time limit exceeded, race two was abandoned. 

Land Rover BAR Academy results  Day 3



Day Two, GC32 Championship Muscat, Oman

Light conditions on the race course for the Land Rover BAR Academy, this meant high intensity racing in Muscat on day two of the GC32 Championships. Conditions were unpredictable with winds fluctuating between 5 - 9 knots of the course of the afternoon. These conditions forced Principal Race Director, John Craig, to start races under the 'black flag' - disqualifying early starters. 

Skipper Rob Bunce explained: “In a big fleet like this, if you can get a good start and get to the first mark in a good position, then that often becomes a chain reaction for the whole race. We have been working on our starting, so we are happy to get those two results. In the last race, we were as close as you could have been without being over – it is pretty high tariff, but if you are a couple of seconds late, everyone will pass you, so you have to take the risk.”

Land Rover BAR Academy results  Day 2

7th, 3rd, 10th & 2nd


Day One, GC32 Championship Muscat, Oman

Land Rover BAR Academy join 11 world class teams in Muscat, Oman for the GC32 Championships ahead of the Extreme Sailing Series (8th - 11th March). 

Racing got off to a solid start today, with five races sailed in what was considered tricky conditions for the GC32 catamarans with southwesterly winds of 8-11 knots. The Land Rover BAR Academy placed 5th, 5th, 8th, 8th, 8th in the races today with Chris Taylor on helm. 

Skipper Rob Bunce commented “Today was the first day of racing for us in 2017 here at the GC32 Championships. We are straight into tough racing with some world class teams here in Oman. We have kicked off with some good results but there is definitely room for improvement on these large, choppier courses which are different to what we have in the Extreme Sailing Series. We'll look to improve as the week wears on, meeting the high standards we set as both individuals and a team."

Five more races are scheduled for tomorrow, when the wind is forecasted to be slightly stronger than today so we are looking forward to some exciting action on the water.

Land Rover BAR Academy results  Day 1

5th, 5th, 8th, 8th, 8th

The Land Rover BAR Academy will go alongside eleven other top national youth teams in the Red Bull Youth America's in June. The line-up has been announced and the team will compete in Pool B. Find out more here

Land Rover BAR Academy Crew:

Chris Talyor
Elliot Hanson
Sam Batten
Adam Kay
Rob Bunce
Oli Greber
Will Alloway
Annabel Vose