What impact do plastics have on our ocean?


The oceans are our playground, keep them debris-free!

A healthy ocean is important, it generates the oxygen we breath, puts food on our plate and absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  • Just 5- 10 % of all the plastics we produce are recycled
  • 50% are buried in landfall, and much washes out to sea
    8 millions tonnes of plastic are estimated to enter the ocean every year
  • 250 million tonnes of plastic will be polluting the ocean by 2025
  • 5 - large systems of rotating currents called Gyres where plastics accumulate in huge ocean garbage patches
  • Sunlight and waves fragment plastics into tiny particles called micro plastics
  • Plastic debris leaches toxins, entangles marine life and bioaccumulates in the food chain, choking our oceans