About the 1851 Trust

The 1851 Trust aims to inspire and engage a new generation through sailing and the marine industry, providing young people with the education, skills and training to become innovators of the future, and stewards of the marine environment.

The 1851 Trust the Official charity of British America's Cup Challenger team, Land Rover BAR.

Team Principal and Skipper, Sir Ben Ainslie and HRH the Duchess of Cambridge are Patrons of the 1851 Trust. 

The trust works to enable and encourage young people from a wide demographic to experience sailing, gain insight to the range of fantastic career choices and opportunities in STEM subjects and act sustainably. 

WHY 1851?

1851 was the year of the Great Exhibition, a celebration of modern industrial science, technology and design and championed by Prince Albert. It was an opportunity for countries to showcase the best of their achievements. A syndicate of businessmen from the United States brought a schooner called ‘America’ to demonstrate their shipbuilding skills. ‘America’ outclassed the British racing fleet of 1851, winning the first America’s Cup and beginning the challenge that Ben Ainslie Racing have now embraced – to bring the Cup home.



Inspire a new generation into sailing by breaking down the perceived barriers and make it accessible for everyone. This creates an opportunity for young people from all backgrounds to broaden their horizons through sailing. 


Sailing isn’t just about boats; science, technology and engineering opportunities can engage young people in a great marine industry career that can lead to travelling the globe and even working for an America’s Cup team.


Working alongside Land Rover BAR, the 1851 Trust will bring the fundamental STEM subjects to life through the Land Rover BAR Tech Deck and Education Centre. This offers a unique behind-the-scenes experience with hands-on interactive exhibits, allowing young people the opportunity to get close to the boats, people and technologies in development. 


Support innovation for the future to promote sustainable scientific technological advancements in sailing and the maritime industry, and safeguard our oceans. The Trust helps young people understand and consider their impact on the environment and encourages them to consider sustainability in all its forms.